Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New BETA Messaging Program: Better Than Palringo, Almost Ramble.

We truly apologize for the 15 minutes of your life wasted dealing Palringo when we mentioned it a few days back, but here we have a new BETA called eBuddy. While JiveTalk and IM+ still reign over the pack, we're always up to trying new IM clients

7:35pm: Download eBuddy OTA.

7:38pm: During setup, we somehow turned on the "block language". Now we can't read any of the menus. Need to fix.

7:43pm: Can't figure out how to navigate with boxes. Uninstalling and reinstalling.

7:48pm: Re-Downloading.

7:51pm: Setting back up. Choose English this time!

7:52pm: Enter eBuddy screen-name or register for account. (We registered online while we were waiting on the re-install so we skip).

7:53p: Add AOL account and log in.

7:54: Testing

7:59: Close. Options. Advanced Options. Applications. eBuddy. Delete. Yes.

Needless to say, don't waste your time if you use anything other than Palringo and Ramble.

We are now fair on wasted time. Back to zero. You're welcome, you're welcome.
The only thing we can possibly hope for is for IM+ or JiveTalk to come up with a new version.

You may notice the sad dog in the picture up top. We figured you might have felt a sad spot or be depressed after reading this post, so if you are, you may want to adopt him.

UPDATE: Yes, we are aware there are no links to eBuddy. Thats for a reason.

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